About us


Thanks for coming here to learn more about us! We are a family owned business located in Morgan County, Indiana. Our company was inspired by our red Bloodhound, Charlee, who is our honorary third daughter. The story behind Charlee Redd Beard Co. starts with solving a problem for our family dog and finishes as a facial hair product that I use every day. 

Charlee loves to explore the outdoors while constantly having her nose to the ground. In doing so, she would develop what's called "dry nose" or "chapped nose", which wouldn’t heal on its own or using anything from the store. I have always leaned towards organic ingredients for beard care, skin care, and pet skin care, so I decided to formulate a better product. I created a natural butter blend to rub on her snout to keep it conditioned and moisturized so she could enjoy her favorite activities pain-free. One morning, I realized I was out of my beard balm and didn’t have time to run to the store. I used that same butter blend that I made for Charlee, and it worked great! I now use our Beard Balm every day, and I’ll never go back to the store bought product. This is how Charlee Redd Beard Co. was discovered.

Thanks again for supporting our small business. We hope you find this product as helpful as our family has!





Founder & Owner